Unique stadiums in the world

Unique stadiums in the world

Do not own modern equipment with hundreds of thousands of seats to serve superstars and fans, but the stadiums below are unique works of art.

Ottmar Hitzfeld football field in Switzerland

This stadium is located at an altitude of 2,000m above sea level and it is certainly not a preferred choice for those with a weak heart. This is an artificial grass field because at such a height, natural grass cannot grow. Audiences who want to see the football matches here must move by cable car system located in a nearby village. The only disadvantage of this field is that it often loses the ball. According to Furrer striker, every match, 7-10 balls were kicked by the stone players through the barrier.

Henningsvær football field in Norway

Located in a small fishing village on Norway’s Lofoten Islands, Henningsvær is considered one of the most unique football fields in Europe. This football field can hardly be called an orthodox stadium without a stand and is only used to organize amateur leagues. However, what makes this stadium famous is the beautiful scenery around it.

The football field was built by flattening the hard ground of Hellandsøya Island and decorating it with the price of the cod fish. Surrounding the football field is the asphalt to serve as a stand for the audience and for parking. Despite the limited capacity, Henningsvær is still enough to serve the village of only 500 inhabitants.

Marina Bay Floating Platform in Singapore

Unique stadiums in the world

The floating stadium in Singapore’s famous Marina Bay is one of the most incredible stadiums in the world. Built in 2007, this stadium is also the most beautiful theater complex in the world. Made entirely of steel, the Marina Bay Floating Platform is bigger than the National Stadium. The stands of the Marina Bay Floating Platform can accommodate 30,000 people.