Top Stadiums In The World

Top Stadiums In The World

The stadium is not only where fans add spirit to the football team they support but it is also an eternal symbol of countries. The following 4 stadiums will make you overwhelmed by its magnificence.

Borg El Arab Stadium | Egypt – Borg El Arab

Borg El Arab Stadium is located in Alexandria of Egypt. With a capacity of 86,000 seats, it is the second largest stadium in Africa (after Soccer City in Johannesburg) and ranked 27th in the world. This is an extremely modern stadium with auxiliary works such as hotels, swimming pools, more than 30 restaurants and gyms for 200 guests.

The Rose Bowl Stadium | America

This is an extremely famous stadium located in California with a capacity of up to 92,542 seats, ranked 16th in the world. The stadium is now owned by UCLA Bruins (American football). The 1932 and 1984 Olympics or the 1994 World Cup were all taken place here.

FNB stadium | South Africa – FNB

Top Stadiums In The World

The stadium is also known as the popular Soccer City, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently, it is home ground of Kaizer Chiefs Club and also the venue for national matches of this country. With a capacity of up to 94,736 seats, it is Africa’s largest stadium up to now. CAN Cup in 1996 or the final match between the Netherlands and Spain in the 2010 World Cup are memorable events that took place here.

Estadio Azteca | Mexico

Estadio Azteca is located in Mexico’s Santa Ursula suburb. This is Club America’s home ground and also the mecca of the National Team. With a capacity of 95,000 seats, this is the largest stadium in Mexico and the third largest in the world. It was where the 1970 World Cup final took place. The stadium also imprinted a historic goal called “God’s hand” by Diego Maradona in the quarter-final between England and Argentina in 1986.

Above are four of the most significant stadiums around the world.