The world’s top 5 stadiums

The world’s top 5 stadiums

The world’s top 5 stadiums

The criteria for the athletes to enter the top 10 in addition to meeting the top football matches must also have the most advanced and expressive applications in the design.

1. Beijing National Stadium (China)

Also known as the stadium Bird’s Nest is designed for China to host the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics with an investment of up to 423 million, making all those who once admire admire admiring admiration.

2. Stadium Allianz Arena (Germany)

This is home to the most powerful football club in Germany, Bayern Munich has a capacity of 60,000 seats. The Allianz Arena was upgraded to serve the 2006 World Cup and this is the venue for this year’s Champions League final.

3. Juventus Arena Stadium (Italy)

Perhaps the Manucians will be jealous when the “Theater of Dreams” cannot be included in the top 10 most beautiful stadiums in the world, in part because of the home ground of Juventus Club. The new Juventus Arena has just been upgraded early this season and although there are only 41,000 seats compared to 6,000 seats like the Delle Alpi, this place has been dubbed the “paradise of football”.

The world's top 5 stadiums

4. San Siro stadium (Italy)

Or another name is Giuseppe Meazza to distinguish each time Inter play on home turf, because this is the common ground of two giants of Milan. The San Siro appeals to the audience because the design of the courtyard has the beauty of an ancient Roman arena.

5. Stadium Nou Camp (Spain)

Nou Camp is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. The best football team in the world now owns one of the most beautiful football fields in the world. With a capacity of nearly 100,000 people, the Nou Camp is a place where any team wants to visit even knowing that it is a land that “heals much less.”