The most famous F1 racing tracks in the world

Monaco track in France

Monaco is known for its magnificent casinos, the most luxurious hotels in Europe and the luxury yachts of Russian billionaires. Besides, Monaco also has the world’s most prestigious track

The Monaco race started organizing Formula 1 racing in 1929. By 1950, the Monaco track was officially part of the world championship. The racetrack has no margins, so athletes are required to have precise control, good driving skills, and adventurous experience.

Baku track in Azerbaijan

The racetrack in Baku is designed by the famous architect Hermann Tilke. It is longer than 6km. This track will pass through the scenic spots of Baku city. This track has very dangerous bends. This is the track with the highest speed.

Melbourne track in Australia

Albert Park is located on the park’s grounds. However, it is very wide and airy. There is also an artificial lake in the racetrack. Because this track is adjacent to the sea, the temperature is very suitable for athletes. The Albert Park track has a clockwise direction.

Racetrack Spa Francorchamps in Belgium

Spa-Francorchamps is a mecca in F1 sport because the design requires high speed with classic corners. F1 engines must operate at full capacity. Spa-Francorchamps is the longest F1 track today. The length of this track is 7,004 km.

Monza track in Italy

The Monza track was built at Royal Park. Monza park built in 1922. The track is the oldest in the world. The track is the most accurate engine power test. Its design has a lot of long straight lines connected to tight corners. athletes need to show their skill to control the vehicle during the competition.

Currently, Vietnam also plans to build a track in Hanoi. Hanoi is expected to organize F1 racing in 2020. This is a new development in the sport of Vietnam.