Strange Sports to Play (part 6)

Strange Sports to Play (part 6)

14. Bossaball 

Bossaball sort of looks like sepak takraw, yet on a goliath inflatable volleyball court with trampolines. As one would expect, alongside a more complicated court is some degree increasingly complex rules. 

Picture this – sepak takraw joined with volleyball, and that is an incredible beginning. Two abnormal games in one! 

Bossaball comprises two groups of four, playing to 21. A group can contact the ball up to five times so that they can get it on the opposite side, yet the regulations on soccer versus volleyball contacts as well as points scored by contact/ location make this as quite a bit of a strategy game as one sport. 

15. The Rock Paper Scissors (Janken) 

In the event that you some way or another never played paper-scissors-rock growing up, do not hesitate to move out from the rock that you’ve been living under. 

This game, known as “janken” in Chinese, is actually what many played during break. Just it’s very extraordinary. 

Let’s strap in for that one: The USA Rock Paper Scissors League is indeed a real thing. Not just that, its national winner really wins a heap of money. 

Plainly, the Chinese variation is no less extraordinary – everybody is going straight up bananas. 

16. Cheddar Rolling 

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling as well as Wake in England is indeed flat out absurd. Indeed, even in the realm of weird games, this is a ludicrous challenge. Individuals originate from everywhere throughout the world to contend, pursuing a cheese wheel and attempting to get it. 

Try not to be tricked by the senseless idea however – the competition is exceptional.

One nine-pound wheel of Double Gloucester gets moved with the one second head start prior to that the contenders run after it. The cheddar transforms into an eatable wheel of death, arriving at speeds up to 70 mph. First racer to cross the end line wins the cheddar.