Strange Sports to Play (part 5)

Strange Sports to Play (part 5)

11. The Armored Combat League

Renaissance fairs got nothing on the ACL. There is an assortment of types of competition. One even includes five-on-five (the teams at the regional level) gatherings of armored knights that duke it out. We’re talking the genuine deal knight armor, as well. 

Nations around the globe have been getting in on the franticness. Everybody understands being The Hound in Game of Thrones is far more baller compared to mainly watching him, indeed.

12. Kabaddi 

“Bring Kabaddi over!” Is Kabaddi not an individual? That would clarify why everybody continues attempting to handle the individual who’s “it” here. 

It’s not exactly an ordinary game of tag either. This excellent game welcomes a new interpretation of well known American playground games. 

You see, Kabaddi is a well known Asian game, particularly all through India. 

Games are comprised of two groups of seven players each. One player on offense must hurry to the rival group’s side and tag out however many players as could be expected under the circumstances without being handled. 

13. Sepak Takraw 

The activity shot of what sepak takraw resembles is in no way, exceptional in comparison to some other play in this game. In the event that this makes you question how much time you spend on the lovely couch daily, don’t stress – we were the same. 

Sepak takraw is mainstream in Southeast Asia. The courts are generally double the size of a badminton court. Groups of three must kick or hit the ball over a net without contacting it with their hand/arm. The net is generally 1.52-1.55m high (4’10”- 5’1″). 

Points get awarded for faults, including the competitor knocking the ball out of the bound, reaching the hand/arm, and scoring the ball in the bound. A game will go to 21 points.