Strange Sports to Play (part 4)

Strange Sports to Play (part 4)

8. Chess Boxing

One match consists of eleven rounds – six chess rounds and five of boxing. Here, each round will last three minutes. The winner is only declared by one checkmate in chess, boxing T/KO or disqualification by the ref due to idleness.

9. Shin Kicking

Here, the rules do not precisely ask for plenty of explanation.

Let’s begin that shins get involved, so the logic will tell us what is being kicked.

Maybe the silliest sounding name in these days’ combat sports, the rules sound ridiculous as well. The combatants will grab each other by their collar as well as striking away with their foot’s inside. A rival loses by shouting “sufficient” to claim they have had enough.

10. The Lawn Mower Racing

It would be best if you did not allow its comical name as lawn mower racing to fool you. Though the concept is funny, the sport itself is, on the other hand, intense.

The critical difference between go-karting and lawn mower racing is the vehicle itself. Differently from a go-kart, the lawnmower needs to maintain its engine as well as chassis (frame).

The racing’s mini-sized style originated in the UK. Following a group of friends getting fed up with the inevitable cash vacuum as well as auto-racing’s substantial startup costs, they managed to come up with this great sport. Whether the event happens off-road or on a flat track, lawn mower racing is considered a hit.

Not convinced? You know, it has grown so much to the point that 2007 Lawnmower Racing Mania became a real Xbox game. It is legit.

11. The Armored Combat League

For no matter what reason, humans tend to have a nostalgic predisposition. Remember the fun of hand to hand combat?

Okay, thanks to this great Armored Combat League, we can take these days!!