Strange Sports to Play (part 3)

Strange Sports to Play (part 3)

6. The West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

You know, the first thing that Tualatin, Oregon has going for the originally weird sport may be the title – it is West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. As you can see, add “regatta” to any yatcht or boat race’s name; the regal nomenclature provides the event with instant cred.

Situated outside of Portland, the town manages to live up to the slogan of “Keep It Weird”. Every October, you can see participants dress up in many ridiculous Halloween costumes as well as racing across Tualatin Lake inside vast pumpkins.

Hey, eat the heart out, New England. It is how this Pacific Northwest tends to do Halloween.

7. Quidditch

Undeniably, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has taken over the big world. The literary hit turned into a blockbuster film series as well as having inspired endless games, collectibles as well as merchandise. The brand has got billions from its inception in 1997. Maybe craziest of all, indeed, people are playing the Quidditch imaginary strange sport of HP.

Harry Potter fans took their obsession to new heights, owing to certain college students that placed excessive effort into not learning. What started with the silly idea of Middlebury College students to run around on brooms involving in the game at the Vermont school fast evolved. Today the strange sport has been regulated by the Quidditch Association at the global level (yep, that is real). One International Quidditch World Cup is also held.

8. Chess Boxing

It is not one weird sport spawned from the fictional wizarding world of HP. The game is one serious test of will as it takes not only brains but also brawn to reach champ status.

Chess boxing started in Berlin in 2003 as well as having since spread all over the world.