Strange Sports to Play (part 2)

Strange Sports to Play (part 2)

3. The Summer Redneck Game

Several people – whether from the Midwest, South, or parts unknown – are likely to find the word “redneck” to get offensive. Some embrace the moniker. Yet, others celebrate it so much that they create one whole competition in its spirit.

Then, the Summer Redneck Games got born.

It has become one summertime staple in East Dublin. For five bucks, fans can gain entry into one competition, unlike any other. Some classic events include watermelon seed spitting, toilet seat horseshoe toss, and mud pit belly flop.

4. Gaga

If pops and mom cannot wait to get rid of you as well as dropping you off at a camp for a while, then you understand the Gaga has not got anything to do with the Lady. 

The origins of Gaga are unclear. Also, its name has numerous variants, yet the court is recognizable with ease.

Use wooden benches for one makeshift court; else, go all out with sure real thing for making one octagonal wall that is about waist to chest high.

Toss in one soccer ball for one larger “arena.” Else, use a tennis ball for one smaller one. Players would slap the ball around. People who hit in the waist or below will be out. The last person standing will gain victory.

5. Kaiju Big Battel

You can thank Rand and David Borden for letting you know the most celebrated sport you never knew you needed: Kaiju Big Battel. Anything about this epic battle is fantastic.

What does Kaiju mean? It translates to “strange beast.” It is one film genre that features monsters. The characters often wreck cities as well as fighting other giant monsters. The sport’s choice to follow “battel” after one accidental misspelling of “battle” tells. The name refers to the carefree nature of this exhibition.