Strange Sports to Play (part 1)

Strange Sports to Play (part 1)

Forget the played out games entrenched in some athletic competitions for long. Though baseball may be a pastime in America, that is precisely the reason why it has got played out. The structure, the rules, and the expectations – all of them are the same.

The following strange sports – created out of boredom or so – are bizarre, wild, and wacky in ways that a lot of mainstream games fail to compare. There is one thing for sure – it is that these athletes are considered far from the norm. If you are a fan of extreme sports, you do not need to look further than the sports below for thrills and fierce competition. They range from lumberjacking to extreme ironing – you see, the weirdest games around the globe are nothing like the things you would think.

1. Lumberjack World Championships

Merely joining the Lumberjack World Championships from Wisconsin’s Lumberjack Bowl may put hair on the chest. It is so mystically masculine – to the point that every competitor – let it female or male – automatically attains a man card for life. 

The events are significant: logrolling, wood chopping, climbing, sawing, and others. The event names are terrific as well: birling, hot saw, boom run, double buck, Jack and Jill.

Though it may not be present in the rule book, putting on anything other than flannel inevitably results in a deduction of some sort. Do you want to try?

2. Hobbyhorsing

There are many reasons to believe that your whole existence is nothing but a simulation. You do not need to look further than this entirely authentic, mind-numbingly real sport.

Words like “bizarre” and “weird” do not come close to appropriately depicting this spectacle. It has to do with people riding toy horses in one gymnasium with zero irony intention. Enjoy it fully.