Special stadiums in the world to visit (part 1)

Special stadiums in the world to visit (part 1)

Forget the Maracaña, Wembley, Camp Nou, or so. The following stadiums are genuinely the footballing world’s real wonders.

1. Estadio Hernando Siles (in Bolivia)

Its capacity is 41,143. It is the home of The Strongest, Bolivian national team, etc. Located 11,932 feet (3,601 meters) above sea level, it is among the world’s highest stadiums. 

Here, football matches may take your breath away. Are you a fan? If you are, you will notice the air is thin to the point that it is hard to cheer your team on. Still, you will be in good shape compared to the away team. For example, the altitude Lionel Messi caused to be sick over the pitch when playing for Argentina in the match of 1-1 draw in 2013. Also, if you are not intimidated by being high above the sea level, perhaps this revelation will: something haunts the stadium.

2. Stadion Voždovac (in Serbia)

The capacity is 5,200. It is the home of the FK Voždovac Belgrad; people built it at a shopping center’s top.

Where else allows you to combine your shop with the footy trip? This stadium was at a shopping center’s roof in Belgrade. It is about 23m above ground level. The underneath shops include a KFC, a supermarket, and a McDonald’s. 

3. Estadio Municipal de Braga (in Portugal)

The capacity is 30,268. It is the home of the Sporting Clube De Braga. People built it into a cliff.

This stadium is famous as one of the architectural marvels. It was developed for the European Championships in 2004 at €83m. The quality of steel strings smoothly connects the two enormous stands. Each of them has a 15,000 capacity, and can probably be accessed through the 5,000sqm plaza that is underneath this fantastic stadium.