Pochettino is disappointed at the losing at Champions League final

Pochettino is disappointed at the losing at Champions League final

The Argentina coach regretted but was also proud of the students after losing to Liverpool in the Champions League final on June 1.

Pochettino has a very successful season when Tottenham have to focus on finance for the new stadium and not buy any players in the last two transfer periods.

“It hurts to lose the game, but this is also the time when we need to think positively. I am proud of the efforts of the students. We unfortunately lost the penalty early on but continued to fight and played well in the second half, “said Mauricio Pochettino after the defeat in the Champions League final.

“Penalty situations are something no one can predict and prepare. We have a psychological lesson like Liverpool last season. I want to experience this game again, because this is a big event. only after the World Cup finals, it will be a long journey built up of trust and effort. Hopefully the second final will come soon.”

This is the first time Pochettino and Tottenham play the European Cup final. The team received a shock in the second minute when Moussa Sissoko put the ball in the ring for 16m50, and Mohamed Salah scored the opener for Liverpool. Tottenham’s efforts in the second half were unsuccessful, and even lost a late goal by Divock Origi.

Last season, Tottenham finished the Premier League in fourth place and will be in the Champions League next season. It is certainly a great achievement for Pochettino, especially when the team did not buy any players at the two nearest markets. “It is unthinkable if we win and lift the Cup. That must be surprising to everyone, because our priority in the last 5 years is to build a new stadium”, the military leader the Argentine said. “We have not used a dollar to recruit people. We are not the smartest, but not the most stupid. This is a proud achievement, for us as well as for fans.”