Nou Camp Stadium Review: Mecca for Barcelona FC fan

Nou Camp Stadium Review: Mecca for Barcelona FC fan

Barcelona is known as one of the teams with a strong fan base. The team owns a smart play with unique playing tactics. Not only that, the Nou Camp Stadium – Barca’s home ground is considered a famous sports venue.

Nou Camp is a stadium built and located in the city of Barcelona of Catalonia, Spain. This stadium was built in 1957 and it has been considered a mecca of Barcelona ever since.

The capacity of the Nou Camp is up to 99,786 seats. However, according to UEFA matches, the number of seats has been reduced to 96,336. SVD Nou Camp is rated as the 4th largest stadium in the world and the largest in Europe.

At this Barca stadium held a lot of important international matches. The final matches of the UEFA Champions League are also held here.

This stadium is designed with a unique architecture and huge size. It is considered one of the famous sightseeing and tourist places of the city of Barcelona. Although only more than 50 years of construction history, but this stadium has been considered a mecca of Barcelona football team.

It is not difficult to judge the Nou Camp stadium as one of the most magnificent and stature stadiums in the world today. Many people believe that this holy place of Barca is built on the idea of creating Ladislau Kubala, Barça’s greatest player, a worthy stage.

However, the official decision to build this campaign only came after the club won two La Liga championships. The seasons won the championship are 1947/48 and 1948/49. This is the time before the Kubala player arrives in Catalunya.

After starting construction of this stadium. A lot of naming ideas came up and the football field wallpaper was given. It was originally conceived to name the stadium after the name of the Joan Gamper Club. However, this idea was quickly dismissed by the Franco government.

Then the president of Barça chose a simpler name for the stadium: FC Barcelona’s stadium – Estadi del FC Barcelona. However, the fans of the team are used to calling the team by the name meaning the newer stadium. This name was chosen to help them distinguish it from its old stadium.