Nick Kyrgios got angry at the Citi Open tennis tournament

Nick Kyrgios got angry at the Citi Open tennis tournament

Nick Kyrgios is drawing everyone’s attention when he has repeatedly failed to follow the standard with the referee at the Citi Open tennis tournament.

Hot with the referee is not a rare story with Nick Kyrgios, the player is known as the “Bad Boy” in tennis. On August 2, in a match against Yoshihito Nishioka in the third round of the ongoing Citi Open tennis tournament in the US, Kyrgios took action to startle the referee.

At the 8th game in the second set, Kyrgios disagreed with the referee’s decision in a serve. Later, during the break between the two games, the Australian player threw the water bottle at the referee.

Kyrgios smashed the racket at the Citi Open 2nd round. After that, the 24-year-old player constantly clarified: “It slipped from my hand. I was trying to drink water and it slipped out of my hand.” However, the “slip hand” was so strong that the water bottle label stuck on the referee’s seat.

Despite his rage, Kyrgios still had a 6-2, 7-5 victory over Nishioka and entered the quarterfinals for the first time in his career. Here, he will meet Norbert Gombos, world class 127 player.

Earlier in Round 2, “Bad Boy” got angry after the referee determined the outside ball. He vented his anger by smashing the racket. At the end of the match, Kyrgios shook hands with rival Gilles Simon but refused to shake hands with referee Fergus Murphy, even standing there for a while.

At Wimbledon in early July, Kyrgios also caught the attention in the match against Rafael Nadal. Australian tennis player has deliberately hit the ball to hit Nadal, but decided not to apologize.