FA Cup: The race to win the title

FA Cup: The race to win the title

The Liverpool championship, one of the most important “missions” for the reboot of English football, has been completed. Even so, the season still has much to wait, including the FA Cup.

Although Liverpool are no longer in the FA Cup, Man City, M.U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester have reached the quarter-finals. And on the evening of June 28, there will be exciting matches including Sheffield – Arsenal, Leicester – Chelsea.

In the FA Cup, Arsenal is always “giants”

Of these, Arsenal are probably the team with the most hope in the traditional English rich tournament because they have almost no other goals at the moment.

Indeed, in the Premier League, Chelsea (ranked 4 – 54 points) and M.U (5th – 49 points) as well as Wolverhampton (6th – 49 points) are in very stable form. Therefore, it is difficult to earn a Europa League with Arsenal, let alone the Champions League.

Coach Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal players should now be more realistic about their seasons. The FA Cup can be a lifesaver for a place in the Europa League, as well as a three-season Arsenal title thirst. Worth mentioning, Arsenal always played very well in the FA Cup. With 13 championships, Arsenal is the most successful team in the FA Cup.

Sheffield – Arsenal’s opponent in the quarterfinals – has been weakening since English football came back from the epidemic. In the last 3 matches in the Premier League, Sheffield twice lost with 0-3 and earned only 1 point against Aston Villa. Arsenal, although not impressed, but at least found a victory with a 2-0 result against Southampton recently.

Great war of Leicester – Chelsea

Not too thirsty for titles like Arsenal, but Chelsea also need a trophy to create confidence for the youth team of coach Frank Lampard in the future.

Although under Lampard, Chelsea made a better impression last season at the hands of coach Maurizio Sarri but in terms of results, coach Sarri is still better than Lampard. Last year they ranked third in the Premier League, League Cup runner-up and Europa League champion.

While Chelsea is still uncertain in the top 4 Premier League and no hope in the European arena (losing to Bayern Munich 0-3 in the first round of the Champions League round of 16). Although Lampard has received a lot of sympathy because Chelsea was banned from transfer last summer, the white hand at Chelsea has never been forgiven.

Since the arrival of billionaire Roman Abramovich, all the coaches who have led Chelsea to the end of the season without any titles have been fired, from Claudio Ranieri, Avram Grant to Carlo Ancelotti.

But Chelsea’s ambitions face huge challenges in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup when their opponent is Leicester City. As the main opponent of Lampard’s teachers and students in the top 4 race, Leicester is always formidable in big matches.

Both encounters Leicester this season in the Premier League, Chelsea must split points. The schedule does not support Chelsea, as they have to play just 3 days after the great battle with Man City.