Billiards World Cup: The one knocked out the world’s No. 1 player

Billiards World Cup: The one knocked out the world’s No. 1 player

After being defeated, Torbjorn Blomdahl was extremely explosive. He even eliminated the world No. 1 player Dick Jaspers from Blankenberge World Cup 2019.

Biggest surprise carom tournament 3 Blankenberge World Cup 2019 took place in Belgium happened in the knockout round 1/8. World No. 1 Dick Jaspers (Netherlands) was eliminated when facing the 56-year-old Torbjorn Blomdahl.

Blomdahl “Monument” consecutively created surprise at Blankenberge World Cup 2019

The match was extremely dramatic when two players had to enter the penalty series after the 40-40 draw after 27 turns. In the series of “gunfights”, Blomdahl was more stable with a 3-1 victory, thereby eliminating No. 1 seed from the tournament.

Not only that, the veteran Swedish player continued his spectacular journey by winning 40-34 victory over Seo Chang Hoon (Korea) after 21 turns in the quarterfinals to put his name in the top 4. Last player.

Torbjorn Blomdahl is the world’s greatest carom legend with 44 World Cup victories. However, the age burden caused the Swedish players to fail to compete successfully in many of the last tournaments.

Even at the opening match in the group stage, Blomdahl is also expected to leave the tournament soon after failing quickly 17-40 after only 14 turns against Tran Quyet Chien (Vietnam). However, the 56-year-old player exploded with two victories over France’s No. 1 “Monster”, Bury Jeremy and “umbrella horse” De Backer (Belgium) to record his name in the knockout round.

Notably, Blankenberge World Cup 2019 is creating a lot of surprises when all players in the top 10 of the world have been eliminated. Four hands in the semi-finals include Heo Jung Han (South Korea, 12th world), Torbjorn Blomdahl (Sweden, 16th world), Javier Palazon (Spain, 31st world) and Martin Horn ( Germany, class 19 in the world). On the evening of June 23, the tournament will enter the final day of competition with semi-final and final matches.