Biggest Sport Events in the World (part 3)

Biggest Sport Events in the World (part 3)

7. Cricket World Cup

It is held by the ICC (International Cricket Council), with the preliminary qualification rounds that lead up to the finals tournament organized after each two years T 20 as well as every four years (ODI). This tournament is the fourth-most-viewed and fourth-largest sporting event in the world. The Cup (ODI) contest was held first in 1975 in England and T 20 in 2007 in South Africa.

8. The UEFA Champions League

It is also known as the European Cup or the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. It is one continental club football competition held each year by the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) since 1955 for the best football clubs from Europe. Also, it is among the world’s most prestigious tournaments. It is European football’s most prestigious club competition as well.

Football is the world’s most popular sport. The best football leagues in the world are from Europe. Plus, once a year, there are the two top European clubs that square off in the year’s most significant association football match. It is soccer’s Super Bowl, except it comes with the two top teams of the continent, maybe the world, instead of only one country.

9. Olympic Games

It is one major international event and among the most significant sports events. Olympic Games feature winter and summer sports that a lot of athletes involve in various competitions. It is regarded to be the foremost sports competition in the world with over 200 nations joining.

10. The FIFA World Cup

It is considered the most significant sports event. It has another simple name of the World Cup. This one is one international association football competition that has been contested by many senior men’s teams at the national level of the members of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association).