Biggest Sport Events in the World (part 2)

Biggest Sport Events in the World (part 2)

4. Tour de France Cycling

It is a yearly multiple stage bicycle race that is primarily taken place in France, while also making passes occasionally through nearby countries. It was first held in 1903 to raise paper sales for “L’Auto” – a magazine; the Amaury Sport Organization today runs it. The Tour used to run around France’s perimeter. Cycling was one endurance sport. The organizers managed to realize the sales that they would attain by creating supermen of the great competitors. These days, the tour tends to have 21 daily stages as well as 3,500 km or less.

5. Wimbledon Tennis

The 5th of the best sports events is Wimbledon. It is the world’s oldest tennis tournament as well. That is why it is the most prestigious event related to tennis. It has been organized at Wimbledon’s All England Club since 1877. It is famous for being amongst the Grand Slam tennis tournaments – the others are the French Open, US Open, and Australian Open. Wimbledon is known as the only Major that is still played on grass – it is the original surface of the game. So, the game gets the name of “lawn tennis.” Perhaps, Wimbledon has the most significant following as it is soaked in tradition and history.

6. Super Bowl

It is the NFL (National Football League)’s annual championship game. It is the professional American football’s highest level in the United States. It culminates the season that starts in the previous calendar year’s late summer.

American Football Superbowl is considered the best television event and sports events in America. Last year, it drew over 100 million viewers. Thus, the Super Bowl is watched by just about anyone in the country. Partly thanks to the NFL International Series, the popularity of football is increasing all over the world, especially from England.