7 sports tournaments with the largest brand value in the world

7 sports tournaments with the largest brand value in the world

Based on the daily turnover criteria, Forbes selected the list of 7 most valuable sports events on the planet.

7. NCAA American basketball semifinals ($ 155 million)

NCAA basketball championships take place in March every year according to the knock-out match format, the teams are ranked seed and will compete for until only 4 best teams entered Final Four. The Final Four event was held at a single location chosen by NCAA and will witness two semi-finals taking place in front of national television. The two winners will play the final to win the championship.

6. College Football Playoffs ($ 160 million)

The match between Alabama and Clemson in the American college rugby tournament took place in 2015, attracting 25.7 million live viewers on ESPN television The previous record belonged to a match between Ohio State and Oregon with 33.4 million views in 2014.

5. Wrestle Mania ($ 180 million)

This is the biggest event of the year for wrestling companies WWE bringing together the most famous stars. The 32nd Wrestle Mania took place in Texas, giving the owner company a profit of $ 29.4 million.

4. FIFA World Cup (229 million USD)

The 2014 World Cup held in Brazil has a total revenue of 5.7 billion pounds after 25 days.

3. Winter Olympic (285 million USD)

The last winter Olympics took place in Pyeongchang, a city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is dubbed the “Asian skiing paradise” with many beautiful and majestic mountains such as Seoraksan, Chiaksan, Odaesan or Taebaeksan.

2. Summer Olympic (366 million USD)

The revenue from sponsors for the Rio Olympics has reached over one billion USD, an increase of 7.6% compared to the previous Olympics.

1. Super Bowl (630 million USD)

The Super Bowl attraction in America is too terrible. According to Forbes, the price to advertise for 30 seconds on a live TV channel of a match at the American Rugby Cup can be up to 5 million USD.