5 most beautiful stadiums in the world (part 1)

5 most beautiful stadiums in the world (part 1)

1. Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Camp Nou is a stadium located in Barcelona, Spain. This is the home of FC Barcelona football club since 1957. This name means “New stadium of Barcelona football club”.

Camp Nou has an area of ​​55,000m², a height of 48m, length of 250m, a width of 220m. The ground is 107m × 72m.

Depending on the evaluation criteria, the capacity of the Camp Nou has different parameters. According to the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), the stadium had 93,000 seats when it was inaugurated on September 24, 1957. After that, the number of seats increased to 115,000 when expanding the venue to host the 1982 World Cup. Now it has 98,000 to meet UEFA’s entire seat requirement. In fact, for a long time, people still considered the Camp Nou’s capacity to be about 120,000, whenever Barcelona had a big match at home.

5 most beautiful stadiums in the world

The stadium has organized many matches as well as important international events. Famous for its huge size and architecture, the Camp Nou is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Barcelona.

Only nearly 50 years of history, but this has been one of the most famous cathedrals, the largest stadium of European football.

2. Soccer City Stadium (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Soccer City is a stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Soccer City is currently the largest stadium in South Africa with a capacity of up to 94,700 seats. This is also considered the most modern stadium in the “black continent” with modern equipment system. Built in 1987, Soccer City was upgraded in 2009 to serve the World Cup. Soccer City’s design is inspired by the South African wine glass.

Soccer City is the pride of South Africans.